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How to identify your key stressors and recognise the triggers…

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Learning to build resilience is one of the most important life skills…

Relationships and Boundaries

Healthy boundaries makes relationships enjoyable and fulfilling…

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Coaching/Therapy Prices

One Coaching Session

Your first session is ideal to start you on your journey to wellbeing and to identify your goals and objectives.


Three Coaching Sessions

The perfect coaching package to  discover your goals, objectives then to create an action plan, moving you forward towards positive change with support and accountability.


Holistic Therapies

The key to healing is a balance in mind, body and spirit. My holistic therapies will restore you on all levels, re-setting your physical and energetic systems and bringing you back to a grounded equilibrium.


Meet Your Coach/Therapist


debbie Williams - Life Coach Dorset

Hi, I am Debbie

Thank you for visiting my website. My wellbeing spiritual coaching and holistic therapies encompasses a completely unique approach drawing on over 30 years of clinical therapy experience, teaching and personal development. It’s my wish to help you explore a natural approach to healing to bring more balance, health, joy, and direction into your life. I would be delighted to work with you either face to face at my clinic base in Wimborne or online for remote healing/meditation/Reiki or wellbeing & spiritual coaching. Please sign up to my newsletter too, to keep updated with offers and news on my wellbeing retreats, Reiki training and workshops.

My story
Ever since I can remember I have been an intuitive empathic and compassionate healer, I didn’t know or understand it when I was very young, but I felt deeply, people’s pain, emotions, and frustrations. I sensed things when they were wrong or when danger was around. One of the hardest things for empathic people to overcome is  people pleasing, and finding it hard to say NO without feeling guilty! They often struggle with boundaries and honouring their own needs, self-care, and respect.

In my 20’s and again in my 40’s I suffered from burnout, from years of pushing myself to the limit, saying yes too often in many situations, and not honouring my needs and the things I valued in my own life and like many of my clients I too found it hard to reach out and share my personal struggles. Too often we push on regardless wearing the masks to just get through, always feeling that it’s our responsibility to make it right or just simply putting our needs at the bottom of the pile. The principles of Reiki started the self-care practice for me, and along with that came much personal development, growth understanding, healing, and a connection to something bigger than myself. 

 Many of my clients come to me suffering “burnout” and for help with mental stress, anxiety, overwhelm, low self-esteem and depression, some have lost direction, lost themselves or they just lack “zest” in their lives.  Many come to learn about boundaries and how to practice self-care and also for physical issues with their bodies.   My skills can help you manage change too, when everyday life becomes overwhelming, especially when you may have lost direction or purpose.

How I work

I have many “tools” in my tool kit, which I drawn on if needed, this is what makes my coaching process and holistic therapies unique to me. I provide a safe confidential space with encouragement, structure, compassion, and empathy to support your journey. I was blessed to discover my passion and vocation early on in life and I feel so honoured to be able to share my gifts with you, to help you overcome any stressful situations you too, may be experiencing.

Blessings, Love & Light!

Qualifications & Insurance

FHT Insured

Member of Association for Coaching

Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies- FHT

Certificate of Excellence for Wellbeing Life Coaching- Raw Horizons Coaching Academy

Resilience Coaching Certificate – Chris Johnstone, College of Wellbeing

Master Diploma in Bowen Technique – Bowtech UK

Certificate in Hypnosis, NLP, EFT – EOS Seminars LTD

Bach Flower Remedies – Tessa Jordan – Bach Centre Approved

Holistic Therapies ITEC, IIHHT, IA.

Reiki & Energy Healing Master Level Diploma – School of Inner light

Emergency First Aid Certificate- Branch Training UK

DBS Advanced Certificate


“Debbie is a super professional. My mental health has improved immensely with our sessions. I have been able to be vulnerable and discuss all my issues, and by doing so, I have been able to evaluate my past trauma, helping me to understand why I was depressed. With Debbie’s help I have been able to change my outlook on life, becoming more present and positive.

The sessions are both professional and informal. There is much more of an organic flow to the sessions, which really helps me to express myself and be vulnerable. If I ever have a bad day, I know that Debbie is only a message away. Debbie also offers physical healing sessions such as Reiki, complimenting the other methods of therapy very well.

In comparison to my previous therapists, I have seen the best results with Debbie as a result of her style and methods. I still have sessions when I feel necessary and I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with mental health issues or anyone who feels they have lost their way in life”
Kris, Dorset

“Debbie has this uncanny way of getting to the point of what’s really going on. Her ability to listen and insightfully speak to who I truly am has sent me in a positive direction. I grew in confidence, I lost weight, my life just blossomed”
Jo Barfoot, Dorset

“I have benefitted from Debbie’s knowledge and experience. She has helped me to overcome some difficult life challenges with her therapies. It is a natural progression into Life Coaching and Debbie’s skill and professionalism in this area has enabled me to regain focus and move forward.”
Jan O’Mara, Dorchester

“The results were almost instant after my first Bowen session with Debbie!  Several weeks after a knee operation, I was still unable to get past the limping stage which was putting strain on other areas. My muscles seemed to have locked up and would not relax. Originally I booked in for reflexology, but Debbie advised a short course of Bowen would have much betters results for my condition.

Within an hour of my first Bowen session, I was walking completely limp free and without any discomfort, which in turn has allowed me to slowly reintroduce exercise back into my daily routine.

A month on, and my muscles strengthening daily, I’m now cycling and back to yoga so a very happy client – thank you so much Debbie”
Sharon Harris

“Absolutely amazing crystal introduction workshop. Loved it and I can’t wait to do the Crystal Facial course in the future. Very thorough teacher, also patient and knowledgeable. Thank you x “
Claire Pavely

“Debbie is an intuitive, engaging and gentle therapist, with a reassuring manner. I highly recommend her Bowen Technique at Neals Yard. I experienced a tranquil safe space where healing of my neck problem was eased at the first session. This healing took place on many different levels. I will most certainly continue her treatments.”
Kyrin Singleton

“Trouble Free! On a one week cycling trip, Debbie kept me loose and pain/trouble free….despite a very high volume of training. She has multiple treatment methodologies in her toolkit and the Bowen was especially effective. I very highly recommend her…and look forward to engaging her again in the future!”
Mark M

“I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without Debbie’s insight, energy and support. Debbie is compassionate and engaging. She is looking at all the issues in a holistic manner, often uncovering unexpected angles through her extensive experience of working with people, the body and its emotions.”
Yuliya – Writer/Therapist, Dorset