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Spring into Action

With Spring in the air it's the perfect time to take that renewed energy available to us and begin to direct it to the areas of our lives that have been resting during the winter months.  The brighter mornings, birdsong and the smell of spring in the air can really awaken our senses and open us up to new possibilities.  When we watch nature wake up we can truly see the infinite possibilities around us.  Just in the same way the snowdrops appear, as they push through the dark earth to reach up and open, so too can we.  One of my favourite things to do in spring is to value the beauty around me.  These days we spend so much time rushing around and not being present in the moment to enjoy what life is showing us.  I see many clients who suffer from what I call "destination addiction". What I mean by this is, that they are always planning the next thing which they "think" will bring them happiness, peace, wealth, satisfaction and something to take them away from where they are .  I know people who are constantly looking for the next "thing", the next holiday, the next purchase to make, in the hope that when they get there they wont need to keep looking anymore, but, when they do they immediately start planning the next thing again.  If you recognise yourself in this, then you too may have destination addiction.  A way to alleviate this to become present in the moment.  Begin to appreciate the things, people, places, experiences around you.  The simplest things offer the greatest value.  Also, looking back on the very things you have achieved and experienced in your life which brought you happiness, can help you to have gratitude and meaning.

Try these simple exercises:

  1. Being present

Take a walk somewhere pleasant allowing yourself 30 minutes.  Leave your phone at home, or turn it off with a rule not to look at it till you finish.  Take a pad and pen with you and write down the following answers to these questions:

  • What can I see around me?
  • What can I hear around me?
  • What can I smell around me?
  • Who do I see or speak to?
  • What can I feel?
  • How do I feel while I'm walking?

This exercise will help you to connect, take notice and be totally present on your walk today!

2.  Reverse bucket list.

  • Begin to write down all your fond memories of things you have achieved or experienced that have made you laugh, happy, relaxed, fulfilled, etc.
  • Include things you have achieved, friends, family, anything! from the very smallest to bigger achievements.
  • Use photos, images, pictures, totems, momentums, words or poems.
  • Be creative with this.

Reflecting on your journey so far like this can help you celebrate your life so far and see the real things that have made you happy. Often they are not what you think they are!


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