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Meet Your Coach

Hi, my name is Debbie and for the past 30 years It has been my absolute passion and life vocation to help people to heal, change and transform, so they can laugh more, relax more, and live every day with more connection, purpose, joy and direction.

My training and qualifications have been in complimentary and holistic healing therapies, therapy teaching, spiritual mentoring and workshop facilitator. I have also designed private personal development courses covering a variety of aspects of wellbeing. I have owned clinics in Scotland, Worcester and Dorset. I now work in Dorset and Dorchester at my clinics, specialising in Wellbeing life coaching to inspire and illicit positive lasting change in my clients’ lives.

Like most people I have conquered my own life challenges and traumas. I have experienced loss of stability, and I have been “de- railed” and “lost” a number of times too. My beliefs, values and personal journey has helped me help others. I love people and the human story, I am interested and passionate about life, the adventure it has to offer and the ability we all have to transform and live a more balanced life.



Certificate in Wellbeing life coaching: Raw Horizons Academy

Certificate in Hypnosis EFT/NLP: Eos Seminars Ltd

Diploma in Bowen technique: Bowtech UK

ITEC, IA, IIHHT Diplomas in Holistic therapies (Reflexology, Massage & Beauty)

ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

Bach flower remedies level 2

Diploma in Healing & Energy therapies: School of inner light

1,2,3 & Reiki Master level: School of inner light



Membership and Insurance: The Association for Coaching

Membership and Insurance: The Federation of Holistic Therapists

Membership: Bowen Association UK

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