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Finding your still point

January can be a great time for reflection as we start a New Year with focus and vision and make plans for the coming months.  It’s a good time to rest and restore too! Recovering from the over indulgence of December and the festive season.  Quite often we burn the candle at both ends trying to fit in all our social commitments, extra work load, shopping trips, family outings etc, etc.  We can often feel deflated and low as everything quietens down and the “old routine” begins again.

I find taking advantage of this time of rest is so valuable.  The dark evenings and colder weather force us inside, but it doesn’t have to be a stagnant, lonely, boring, existence.  When you actually surrender to the energies of nature and work with them instead of fighting against them life becomes pleasurable again.  It is a time to rest, restore and digest, getting ready for new growth, energy and life.  It’s a time for nourishment, to go within a little and find our still point.  By this I mean our equilibrium, balance, Homeostasis, the point that we all need to return to so we can “re-set” and prepare for growth.

I find just taking a little time each day to slow down and to sit quietly with no distractions allows me to press pause.  This gives me space.  Space to breathe, first and for most, then focus, think, evaluate, and consider changes that I need to address.  It’s in these quiet moments that ideas, inspirations, and valuable insights occur, as we tune into our innate intelligence and connect to who we truly are.

So, the next time you feel restless, bored or just fed up take time to ‘Pause ‘and find your still point, then think about how you can align more with the seasons, change or adjust your routine slightly so you go with the flow of life!

My handy tips:

Allow yourself time to read. Maybe a magazine, book, or listen to a podcast or a talking book.

Sit quietly for 15 mins in silence per day and just breathe.

If you find certain hours in the day a challenge, like when it starts to get dark early, try arranging a social meet up at that time instead of earlier, or maybe do your shopping at that time, or go out to the gym or for a walk, so your evening is broken up. It’s okay to change a routine to help you manage the changes in season better.

Keep hydrated. Dehydration really effects your energy levels, and spending so many hours inside in central heating rally dehydrates us. I am always asking my clients how much water they have drank and they usually say none or very little.

Enjoy guilt free down time. Remind yourself that everything around you in nature is resting too! Ready to renew and start again!

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